Parliament Square
Parliament Square

University of California-Irvine | 2019

Directed by: Jane Page

Scenic Design: Brandon PT Davis
Costume Design: Matthew Martinez
Lighting Design: Jacob P. Brinkman
Sound Design: Ezra Anisman
& Garrett Gagnon
Projections: Merle DeWitt III

Photography: Jesus Lopez
Inspired by actual events, James Fritz's Parliament Square is a play that explores the lengths one may go to in the act of political protest to provoke change and the dark places one may find themselves in during this quest. The story follows a young activist- Kat, who wakes up one morning, says goodbye to her husband and young daughter, and ventures to London to execute a supreme act of political protest.
This multi-scene production is based in London's Parliament square with a circular stone path to reference repeating events throughout the play and aged concrete to represent Kat's decaying faith in the world in which she lives.

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