University of California-Irvine | 2019
Directed by: Eli Simon
Music Direction: Lex Leigh
Choreography: Allison Eversol Chasteen

Scenic Design: Brandon PT Davis
Costume Design: Cassie DeFile
Lighting Design: Jacob P. Brinkman
Sound Design: Garrett Gagnon

Photography: Brandon PT Davis

On the eve of Bobby's 35th birthday, the bachelor celebrates his special day in the company of his married friends. Through a series of vignettes, each featuring Bobby during dinners, drinks, a wedding, or a first date- the perpetual bachelor is uncertain if he should be happy with his company of friends or consider his romantic companion. Stephen Sondheim's Broadway classic- COMPANY is a musical comedy that explores a period of "self-discovery" and what it truly means to be in a relationship.

Set in New York City during the 70s- the design of this production pays tribute to the grit and edge in the city's personality and the people who inhabit it.

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