American Idiot

American Idiot

University of California-Irvine | 2018
Directed by: Andrew Palermo

Music Direction: Lex Leigh

Choreography: Allison Eversol Chasteen

Scenic Design: Brandon PT Davis

Costume Design: Jennifer Clark 

Lighting Design: David Hernandez 

Sound Design: Jordan Tani 

Projections: Elizabeth Barrett 

Photography: Paul Kennedy

An energetic rock musical, American Idiot, is a high-concept show that takes Green Day's chart-topping 2005 punk rock album and brings it vibrantly to life. The musical centers on three young, restless men, Johnny, Tunny, and Will. In their attempt to break out of their uninspiring suburban world, the group part ways in search of higher meaning in each other's lives. In the journeys they encounter in the city, in the army, or back home- the young men explore the delicate balance between rage and love- a conflict that defines their generation.
The mundaneness of concrete structure was used to tie in the urban and suburban lifestyle presented in the show. I viewed the production as being about leaving what you know to find that what you needed to discover was yourself.