All My Sons

All My Sons

Stephens College| Macklanburg Playhouse| 2010

Directed by: Lamby Hedge

Scenic Design: Brandon PT Davis
Costume Design: Kate Wood
Lighting Design: Emily Swenson
Sound Design: Michael Burke

Photography: Jen Kilgore
Arthur Miller's All My Sons details the world of Joe Keller. A prosperous self-made businessman who fiercely wants to secure and maintain his financial security and legacy in the hopes of handing it down to his first son. But plans can surely change during the second world war. Shadowed with grief by the loss of their firstborn to war and the return of a person from their past, secrets that were shut for so long are forced to open, and the price of being blinded by lust for money is laid bare.

In designing the scenery, it was important to give the audience the feeling of the “American dream” on stage. The beautiful home, and large backyard contrasted with what the character was going through by the end of the story.